Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Assassin's Creed Assignment - Final Steps

Here are the final steps of the Assassin's Creed assignment. To see the earlier stages of the process, click here.

Daigle concept sketch - by Samuel Nordius
Above is the chosen concept developed in the earlier stages. The next step would be to create a more precise sheet of what the character will look like and how he should be modelled in 3D.

Daigle Model Sheet - by Samuel Nordius
Creating the model sheet was one of the most demanding steps of the process because every line must be coherent from every direction. The middle figure, showing the back of the character, is split in half to explain what the clothing looks like both with the coat and cape on as well as under the coat and cape.

House concept - by Samuel Nordius
 One part of the brief asked for an example of what the buildings could look like in this setting and how the main character would be able to climb on it. I chose the Beaux-Art architecture style for my house. This style was common during the time period I've selected and offers many details which can be used for climbing the building.

Sword concept - by Samuel Nordius
The last part of the brief asked for a weapon design. I based my concept on the most common sword style of the selected period and added my own touch to it by making it a bit more organic shapes than any historical design. This could give the impression that Daigle has had his weapons specially made for him.

Daigle - Reign of Terror - by Samuel Nordius
My final piece for this brief is an action scene in which Daigle attacks a line fusilier at an execution place typical to the French revolution. By adding the smoke, rain and fire I was hoping to create an atmosphere of the wild revolution going on.